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Six years had passed since the Decepticon invasion of Detroit with their Omega Supreme clones, in that time many things had happened, Blackarachnia had come back to the Autobots, Sentinel had been killed by an unknown assailant, Megatron had died while in prison  due to damages received to his spark chamber, Starscream was brought back to life and now leads the Decepticons, causing half of them to split off and form their own group under the direction of a Decepticon known as Galvatron. 

Also in that time frame Bumblebee and Sari had gotten together and almost a year ago, they had in fact gotten engaged to each other, at the same time Galvatron decided to attack Detroit, great timing with him huh, doing so caused part of the Allspark to shatter off and may be wondering what this has to do with our story...well wait and see.

Sumdac Tower 8:45 AM 

Sari Sumdac pulled down on her glove to smooth it out once more, she shifted in her skirt as she adjusted her tiara/veil. She was dressed in a gown similar to her everyday clothing, except for some alternations, the Peach/white part had been moved the the skirt while the upper part by the chest and upper waist was pure orange, her top was like her regular outfit, except that it's sleeves ended at the shoulder and were replaced by elbow length gloves. Her hair had also been let down to around her arm pits as well. 

"Grr. stay in place would you?" She demanded. "ugh." She said again, as her tiara/veil in fact fell down over her face again. "Why on earth did I chose this for a veil instead of a regular one I will never know."  She said as she sat in front of a mirror Behind her stood Arcee and Blackarachnia, as well as a recent arrival on earth, Kraft, an autobot scientist, all of them had polished armor and flowers on their helmets.. Sari sighed as she leaned back in her chair and blew some hair out of her eyes. "i Still cannot believe that I agreed to wear this and get all dressed up, for one day I look like this one no other." "I wouldn't complain Sari," Arcee said speaking up. ", at least you got to have your dress in the same color as your everyday outfit, instead of pure white." 

"I've got to agree with teacher, white just isn't your color, besides from what I understand it represents purity." Blackarachnia said. "What are you getting at?" Sari Said arching an eyebrow. "I've read prime's internet reports your about as pure as Starscream's ego in a fog."  Saris stood up and turned around. "I"ll have you know that, your wrong, I am not like that, I'm like Bumblebee's ego, good with a lot of ego." Kraft scratched her helm. "There is a difference?" Sari, Arcee and Blackarachnia let out a giggle at her expense. "Sari let out a sigh. "Thanks girls, this is just really stressing me out." She said as she looked back in the mirror. She let out a sigh. 

"I've known him for eight years and we've spent three as BF and GF, and one engaged...I've known Bumblebee for years and I'm not so sure." She said with a sigh. 

"The Term in pre Wedding Jitters." Arcee stated. 

"Yeah okay that's it." Blackarachnia said. She than grabbed Kraft and Arcee and began dragging them towards Sari's rooms door. "We'll be outside if you need us, and come out when your ready kid." Before either Fembot could Argue the Spider femme had dragged them outside the room and had shut the door. 

Sari smirked as she sat in front of the mirror again, she pulled out a hairbrush and began brushing her hair trying to even it out, placing her tiara/Veil on the table. As she did this the blue piece in the middle glowed slightly. She looked down for a second seeing the glow but shrugged it off. She smiled and placed it onto her head once more, this time it stayed in place. "There we go, finally." She said. She got up and began striding towards the door, when suddenly the blue piece on the tiara suddenly glowed once again. "What the?" Sari said. 

She reached for it, when suddenly the glow over toke her entire body, "Huh?' She said looking at her hands, than she began to feel a tingling sensation, that quickly turned to pain, Sari began panicking, she could feel pain going into her body, rushing through it like wildfire, and than suddenly it stopped. 

"Okay that was...weird." As all she could say as she checked herself over making sure that nothing had happened to her, seeing nothing she strode out the door, to where Blackarachnia and the others were waiting. "So I told him he could take his silly title and shove it up his tailpipe until it came out his mouth!" Blackarachnia was saying. "Well he was a pile of jerkish slag." Kraft said. Sari let out a gasp. "Is she telling the story, PLEASE TELL ME I DIDN'T MISS THE PART WITH THE WHIPPED CREAM!" She said happily, than realizing the faces they were giving her, she calmed herself back down. "i"m sorry I really love that story.

What Sari didn't know was that something had in fact been added to her, something strange, inside her body Blood and Energon flowed separate yet equally powering her spark, as well as her Organic brain. But something miraculous was happening, the blood flow suddenly stopped and than the Energon began seeping into the veins, destroying the blood cells. Soon the flow was restarted but now the veins were made of metal, and her brain had also become metal and was slowly changing itself as well. And steadily her body began accepting it's new energy source. pure 100% Energon. 


A Few Hours later,a large green SWAT van pulled up to a church, Professor Sumdac stepped out and toke Sari's hand and helped her out as well. "oh Sari, you look absolutely beautiful, it makes me feel old." The Elder Sumdac said. Sari blushed and let out a giggle. "Thank you daddy." "He's right you know, if half the bots I knew looked like that I'd marry them all!" the van stated as it transformed into the large autobot Bulkhead. "Bumblebee is going to be impressed." He said. 

"Impressed with what?" Bumblebee said, stepping out of the building. Quickly grabbing Sari, Bulkhead opened his chest compartment ans set her down/ dropped her into it, and slammed it shut. "I, Uh, Um...Impressed with the decorations and the high grade we got for ya as a Wedding present, like 50 galleons of it!"  Prof Sumdac face palmed, as Bumblebee arched an optic. "Well, okay than, I heard my name so yeah, oh, and if you see Sari, Tell her that she needs to hurry up being this far away from her is causing my spark to flip just thinking about her!" He said practically shouting that last part, as he turned and walked away. 

"Phew dodged a bullet." Bulkhead said as he opened his chest compartment. 

Sari popped out, gasping for air. "Are you alright Sari?" Bulkhead asked. Sari kept on gasping and raised a hand and than toke a gulp. "I'm Fine, I'm just a little bit sore." Bulkhead picked her up and gently set her down on the ground. She brushed herself off, and toke her fathers arm. "Let's go daddy, before Bumblebee decides to play spy." And with that she walked into the church, with Bulkhead following....until he hit the door. "Ouch." He said. HE than tired again., this time breaking the thing and causing it to crumble.

Optimus, Jazz, Cliffjumper, Starshard, Moonshard, Kraft, Sawyer, Arcee, Blackarachnia, Ironhide, Rodimus, Ratchet, *gasp* Minerva, Ratchet, Jetfire, Jetstorm, Red Alert, Brawn, Hot Shot, Sideswipe,Alpha Trion, The recently rebuilt Blurr, *gasp*  and Sari and Prof Sumdac all stared up at him, as part of the wall caved in. "ummmmmm....Oops My bad. 

Sari rolled her eyes and smirked, and than she began to feel the pain once more, she bit her lip as it coursed through her body, until it subsided. She smiled as her Father lead her away towards the ceremony, after they left Bumblebee arrived. "Hey what happened to the wall?"  

"Bulkhead." Everyone said at once. 

"Yep it was me." The large autobot said. 

Bumblebee let out a smirk. "Pay up." He said to Jetfire and Jetstorm. "I won." The twins grumbled as the pulled out Cyber Credits and handed them to him. Ratchet let out a groan. "You bet on Bulkhead not smashing anything again!?" 

"What can I say, besides it's paying for me and Sari's Honeymoon." Bumblebee stated as he put them into a subspace storage pocket, as Jazz, Moonshard, Sawyer, Ironhide, Brawn,  Hotshot, Cliffjumper and Bulkhead lined up to pay him. "You be against yourself Bulkhead?" Optimus asked as he got in line. "Yeah well I said I wouldn't do it, and I promise I wouldn' I owe him double." 

From inside the room where she was seated Sari watched with a smirk, and than he dad stepped put with his wallet out. She let out a gasp. "Daddy, you too?" Professor Sumdac let out a chuckle, "Oh no sari, but he said it was paying for your Honeymoon, so I can't help but pay him." "It's already been paid for daddy remember?" "Oh yes How could I forge...wait a minute what is he pulling?" 

"That's it keep em coming." Bumblebee said as he began circling items in a prank catalog with a marker in his mouth due to him having no free hands. Sari smirked, but what she didn't know was that inside of her, her bones, which were already part metal, had turned full metal, not only that but the rest of her insides had become Cybertronian parts as well.

Later that day the ceremony was about to being and everyone had gathered in the chapel, Sari hadn't had many human friends so those few humans in attendance were either the press, which was being too nosy so they had to escorted out, or those Sumdac Systems employees showing up because they were invited and Sari was going to inherent the company, so they had to show up in fear that she would fire all of them. 

Bumblebee stood by the alter with a priest, and Alpha Trion next to him, as well as Bulkhead and Jazz, as well as a stone that read, Prowl, meant for him to be a groomsmen while he had still joined with the Allspark. 

"Are you nervous Bumblebee?" Jazz asked. "Me, nervous, No why would I be nervous." Bumblebee than suddenly looked down as his Gearbox, which was now dripping oil. "he he." Bumblebee said, when the Wedding march began Jetfire and Jetstorm who were beating each other up and playing what sounded like a deaf toned waffle who was drunk playing the wedding march. 

Soon Sari was walking down the aisle, a simile on her face, her after escorting her. Her eyes shown a bright blue, because they had become pure Allspark blue with light blue pupils. Sari seemed to glow...literally once again, as she walked up to the alter, handed off her bouquet to Arcee,and toke Bumblebees servos in her hands, as the priest began speaking.

* IDK what Sari's religion is so...I'm not gonna offend anyone by guessing unless Derrick J Wyatt says otherwise so I'm gonna skip this.* 

"You may now," The Priest said. "kiss the bride!" Finished Alpha Trion, ending with the two ready to beat the snot out of the other. Sari placed her hands on Bumblebee's face. "I've been waiting eight years for this moment."  She said. "I've been waiting Fifty Eight." Bumblebee said, with a sly smirk. 

As they put their lips together,and the press tired to take pics, but Jetstorm blew them away...along with the Piano. 

There wasn't a dry optic/eye in the place as Bumblebee picked Sari up and placed her on his shoulder as they walked outside, where Jetfire dropped rice on them from above. "GAH!" Bumblebee said as he ran, with Sari hanging on for dear life as Jetfire dropped tons of rice on top of them, each time missing. "You do not like the dropping of the rice, I got lots of it!" He called out. HE than turned around. "Brother, be fetching the rest of the rice, we'll give it to them at reception!" 

Bumblebee ran outside. "DRIVE DRIVE!" Sari called out, as he threw her into the air. "GAHHHHH!" She screamed as Bumblebee transformed and caught her as his arm folded into Vehicle mode. "That was not funny." She said as the seat belt was placed across her. "What, you have to admit it was a thrill." "One that I could have been KILLED from." 

"Jeez alright I get it, I'm sorr-.....what's up with your skin?" "Bumblebee don't try and change the," Sari was saying when She looked in Bumblebee's mirror. ",subject." She said as she saw that her skin color was now a grayish sliver. She pulled off her glove and looked at her hand, also now the same coloration. Sari began shaking. "B, B, B, Bu, Bu, Bu, Bumblebee?" "yeah Sari, what's wrong?" 

"i think i may need to see Ratchet..because I think my skin just turned metal." "Uh Sari are you feeling okay, that doesn't just happen, maybe you put too much makeup on or your allergic to some of it." Sari raised her arm. "Okay than we'll test it." And with that she whacked Bumblebee on the dash board with her arm. 

"OW!" Bumblebee yelled as he made a swerve. "What on Cybertron was that for?" "For tossing me in the air like a rag doll!" "Okay I get it your mad, just lay off the smacking, it felt like you struck me with a piece of.....metal." Bumblebee skidded to a halt,and did a U Turn." 

"Now what are you doing?' she asked. "We'r doing what you said, and we are seeing the Doc bot about this." As he drove Sari looked at her hand, and she felt tears well up into her optics. If this change was affecting her entire body, than where would it stop? 


Soon Sari found herself, with her arm's crossed, laying under Ratchet's scanner in the Autobots base. "Well Doc Bot, what's wrong with her?" Bumblebee asked concerning

"Well besides her bad attitude, I have tested her DNA and blood, there's just one problem." Ratchet said. HE looked at them both. "You don't have any DNA in your body anymore." 

Sari sat up straight, her eyes wide and her face was panic stricken. "You mean, I'm dead?" She asked. "I married a" Bumblebee said. 

"No your not dead kid, you now have CNA a part of a cybertronian system, and your blood came back as pure energon as well."  The Medic said. "In other words, your no longer Techno Organic, your becoming a full, complete Cybertronian." Sari and Bumblebee looked at each other, and Bumblebee cringed, the face Sari was giving him was the one she had given him when she accidentally stabbed him after first getting her upgrade. HE grabbed her hand and squeezed it. 

She didn't flinch in pain or cry out, she just kept staring at him in shock, just looking for some comfort. Bumblebee looked at Ratchet. "Well Doc long will it take her to Transform?" Rather let out a sigh. "At the rate she is going about a couple more MegaCycles, three at the most, my only question is what caused this change to her?" 

Sari let out a gasp, and she grabbed her tiara, she moved it around and found the crystal on the front, she grabbed it, and she felt a surge of energy. She than stood up and smashed it on the ground. "Kid what are you doi_" Ratchet began to say, until he saw that Sari had reveled a large chunk of the Allspark, the missing section torn off by Galvatron. 

Sari reached to pick up the fragment, but withdrew her hand, she was visibly shaking and then she began to sway. "SARI!' Bumblebee yelled out as she fell head first from the table, he ran over and slid catching her before she could hit the ground. "Ratchet, what just happened?' The young mech asked. 

Ratchet ran over and scanned her with a portable scanner. "She's passed out, the Allspark sent a shock to her systems I cannot tell if it sped up the process." They heard the sound of shredding and looked down, Bumblebee pulled up her skirt slightly to see that her  shoes were starting to expand and tear, they watched as her shoes broke apart, and her stockings came apart as her lower legs and feet become robotic. They both watched until they saw that she had completed a lower leg Transformation.  

Bumblebee held Sari close as she kept moaning slightly, and she began convulsing, the remains of her shoes and her lower stockings fell out of his hand and onto the floor. "Well Kid. by the looks of it, the process has sped up now, you ought to keep an optic on her because I don't want to know how this will all end up with her." 

Later Bumblebee was driving to the reception, in the Old Detroit Train station, the only building big enough for the Autobots, that can still be fancy. Inside her husband's alt mode, Sari looked out the window, and than she looked down, and lifted the hem of her skirt. Seeing her transformed feet she let out a whimper, and than dropped her skirt back down.

She then turned her face toward the window, and placed her hands on her face, she could feel the tears coming into her optics, which quickly began fading due to her now Technological nature, until all she could was just make a whimpering sound.

Bumblebee jolted her out of her thoughts. 'Sari, are you?' "okay? NO I'm not okay Bumblebee I'm turning into one of you completely, there is no way to stop it, and it's painful every time another process step is taken, it feel like I'm being ripped apart from the inside out, and and and......"

Sari, let out a wail, and then pulled up her legs and than began crying into her hands, and curled up into a ball. Her frame racked with sobs, yet no tears came out. Then, Bumblebee stopped, and turned down another road, and into an ally way, where no one was around.

Quickly he transformed and held Sari in his servos. He slowly, using his finger   he pushed her head up, her optics wide she looked up at his face. Bumblebee gently placed a finger into her palm, and gave her a small, yet heart felt smile.

"Sari, I didn't care when you were eight years old, a sixteen year old Techno Organic, or now, I loved you then and I loved you now, no matter what even if you became a Decepticon I would/ will follow you to their side just to be with you no matter what happens. "

His bride sniffled slight. "Do you really mean that Bumblebee?" She asked, her face brightening up a little bit. "Sari, I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean every last word."

Sari, gave out a little sniffle. "Thanks Bee." She said, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Later at the reception, Bumblebee and Sari were standing near the dance floor, in that time no development had o0ccured in Sari's upgrade, which had set her on edge.

"Bumblebee," She said, gripping is neck, ", I REALLY don't want to do the first dance, I REALLY don't want to, I mean what If I become a full fledged Autobot by the time we're at the second chorus of the song?"

"Don't worry Sari, I picked a short song." "Short by Human or short by Cybertronian standards?" "Human, written almost a Hundred Years ago, about maybe 2:45 minutes."

Sari looked at him with an arched eyebrow. "what?" "Bumblebee that's not short, that's like an hour with slow dancing, which means that anything could happen in that time." "oh relax Sari."

"And now my dues, our wonderful Couple, Sari and Bumblebee will share their first dance as Husband and wife....make that first dance period." The DJ, an Autobot known as Blaster said, as he quickly spun two disks , and dropped them. "Oops." He said.  

Bumblebee walked out to the dance floor where he set Sari, down and she reached up to take his servo's into his own hands. They stared into each others Optics, and Sari began to feel her nervousness leave as the music stared up and.....

"Excuse me May I just say something?" A voice from the crowd asked. Everyone turned and looked, until the voice spoke up again. "up here DOLTS!"

Everyone looked up to see Starscream hovering over them, with a cape and a crown on his head, and giant Purple and Gold Shoulder pads.

"What's he doing here?" Sari asked Bumblebee. Bumblebee toke his servo's way from her and activated his stingers. "Asking for a butt whopping that's what."

Starscream let out a laugh as he landed on the ground. "Ah my dear Autobots, why judge me so harshly I bring a gift, for the happy couple," He turned towards Bumblebee and Sari. "To you both I give, my null rays!'  HE fired off a single shot, which Struck Bumblebee in the chest sending him flying into the DJ booth and Blaster.

"BUMBLEBEE!" Sari cried out, she was about to look back at Starscream when she froze and locked her knees, and she gritted her teeth in pain, the Transformation was spreading up her legs to her chest.

Starscream tuned back to the other Autobots to see Optimus pulling out the Magnus Hammer and activating his jetpack, Blackarachnia wielding two blades, Bulkhead with now spiked wrecking balls Jazz with his Nun chucks and a blaster, Sawyer with her two knife blades, and Jetfire and Jetstorm. along with Ironhide, and Rodimus with his bow.

"Oh my look at the Autobot Bridge, half of your ranks, and yet you still cannot defeat the MIOGHJT OF THE DECEPTICONS!"

He paused, and looked around. "I SIAD THE MIGHT OF THE DECEPTICONS!" 'MIGHT OF THE DECEPTICONS!" Grunting he opened his comlink. "WHERE THE SLAG ARE YOU GUYS!?!?!"

"Me Grimlock asking who is this?" Starscream['s face fell with a gulp. "it's the Deception Leader Starscream, suggestion apprehension like the rest of his troops or preferably Termination." Omega Supremes voiced boomed.

Starscream quickly closed the comlink channel and looked at the angry Autobots. "he heh." He said. HE quickly transformed and swooped off through the roof.

Optimus looked up after him. "okay so he cut a hole in the roof, how did non of us notice that?" Everyone else gave him a shrug, while Professer Sumdac walked over to Sari, who was standing ridged in fear and right. "Sari, are you okay?' he asked, touching her arm. Sari, let out a squeal, and jumped. "Ye, Yeah daddy, I'm fine just shocked a little bit." She said.

Bumblebee had dug his way out of the wreckage and was looking over the DJ booth with Blaster. "Well Looks like Dancing is off." He said with a sigh. The human guests, who were mostly there for the food as well as their jobs were slightly reveled, the thought of the Autobots dancing could tear the building apart despite the fact that they were on ground level.

Sari walked over to Bumblebee and tapped his leg. He bet down and picked her up, and she looked at his face. 'Bumblebee, it went even further." She whispered into his audio receptor. "Do you know how far?" He asked. "no, we need an excuse."

"Bumblebee!" Ratchet roared. "Y-yes Doc Bot?" Bumblebee asked. "Don't what me kid, you just got blasted by a Decepticon, and you think that your just okay to walk around?"

"I-Uh, well Sari, it's our wedding Ratchet and-" Before anyone could react he was pulled away still with Sari, she looked back at her father and she told him. "Sorry daddy, but I've got to see him though this and make sure he let's Ratchet fix him!"

Her father crossed his arms and smiled at her. "Okay Sari, just make sure he gets better!" Optimus walked toward him. "Something the matter professor that seemed..kind of forced."

"Oh it's nothing Optimus, I trust her enough, besides knowing Bumblebee it will take Sari to make sure that he doesn't panic." Meanwhile with Ratchet, Bee and Sari, it was whole different matter.

"Ratccchet I swear I'm fine that new armor that you gave us protected me fine." "I know that kid, but I saw Sari out there lock up in pain. I need to check her over because I think that her proves may have expanded!"

Sari, pulled up her skirt and let out a gasp. "You don't need to think Ratchet." She said as she stuck out the rest of her leg, now completely robotic, and covered in armor similar to her techno Organic armor. It ran up all the way to her thigh where am metallic skirt had formed, and further up more armor had formed at her chest and the former stomach area.

Her Underclothing slid out, having broken off. Bumblebee quickly looked away. Sari's face turned red and she grabbe4d the tattered articles and quickly hid them.

"Well kid by the looks of it your Transformation is almost complete, almost your entire body has become fully cybertronian." As he said that Sari's hair began to fall out, in clumps, until it was all on Bumblebee's hand., her hair's roots having been destroyed. Sari gasped and quickly activated her helmet.

But even that was now different it had a new design,. with a new head piece and light blue open pigtails next to her purely metal ones, and slowly hear entire head changed it's shape. Sari looked around, Okay how much of me is Cybertronian now?" She asked. "Well I'd be able to tell if your gown wasn't in the way!" Ratchet snapped.

"Well it's going to stay in the way because I'm not taking it off!" Sari snapped and stomped her foot. "YEOW!" He cried out. "Sari calm down, that actually hurt!"

'Sorry Bumblebee, but Ratchet is asking me to take off my gown like I'd ever do that I might not even know how much of me is transformed I mean what if...certain parts didn't fully convert and get covered in armor!" She snapped, when suddenly, two all spark blue prong shot out of her dress, along where her blue allspark blue circle was, a neck section formed, and tore up her dresses' neck as a ring formed on her now extended neck.

Her back began to expand, and with a ripping sound and a scream, the section of her dress that covered her back exploded out as another version of her Robot mode appeared this time a backpack with wings looking like her techno Organic robot mode jetpack. Sari, fell to her knees, and let out a sob, Bumblebee held her close, while at the same time, Sari gripped her dress, trying to pull it up and keep it around her.

"Well Doc Bot?' Bumblebee asked. Ratchet shook his head. "That tells me enough kid, you may want to get her out of here, most every human in this place wants to go home and Sari looks to be in incredible pain, your going to need an excuse to get her out of here, and fast."

"Why not just tell them upfront?" Bumblebee asked. "Because do you really think that those humans want to see her ass an Autobot, most of these humans are here to keep their jobs and the only thing keeping people from going after her family's money is HER, and Professor Sumdac's fame is one of the only things keeping us in Detroit."

He began to walk away, "We need to get both of  you out of here, now..' HE tan turned on his comlink. "ratchet to Magnus, we have a situation." "What is it Ratchet, will Bumblebee not sit still?" "he's not the problem it's Sari, an allaprk fragment came into contact with her and she is upgrading to a full Cybertronian!"

"WHAT!?" Optimus asked. "I know this is a little bit much, but do you remember the time that Starscream reprogrammed the twins?' "Ugh, don't remind me Ratchet." "Well tell them I'll let them use my tools to fix up their video game system whenever they break it if they act like the Decepticon programming was in their systems!"

There was no response from Optimus but the sound of cackling laughter from within the reception room said it all. Ratchet turned to Bumblebee and Sari. "WHAT ARE YOU TWO MALFUNCTIONS WAITING FOR MOVE MOVE MOVE!"

"we're gone!" Bumblebee shouted, as he transformed and raced out of the building,. Professor Sumdac, Arcee, Kraft, and Cliffjumper came running out towards him. "Ratchet we need you in there!" Arcee yelled out. "The twins are Decepticons again!"

Prof Sumdac stepped up to him. "Tell Bumblebee to get Sari out of here!" "Already taken care of we can hear ya know, now let's set those kids straight!"


Out in the streets Bumblebee drove towards the Autobots base at full speed , inside him Sari held up her dress to keep it from falling. She groaned a little bit, and then she looked. She suddenly gasped, her size was increasing, Her chest, rubbed tightly against the seat belt. as her body size grew.

"BUMBLEBEE!" She shouted out loud as she began ripping the seat belt, as well as the sides of her dress. "Sari, wheat's wrong?" Bumblebee asked. 

"Well considering the fact that my dress is splitting apart and your interior is shirking than we might have a problem!" With those words Sari tore from the seat belt, and pressed her hands against the windows causing them to crack a little bit. 

"Hang on just a littler bit longer Sari." Bumblebee said, as he turned into old Detroit, where he roared into an abandoned warehouse, where he quickly transformed and Sari ended up in his hands..only now she was the size of them. 

He set her down, her dress now clinging tightly to her body and ripped at the edges along the sides of her dress Sari began sighing heavily desperate to coll her systems, and than she began growing again. "oh slag." was all she could say. 

As she gre the top of her dress split and than tore in half, the sides of her dress kept ripping until they hit the part of the skirt that was being starched out by the robotic skirt underneath it, that part of the skirt suddenly tore off and fell away, as he sides split all the way, parts of her gown now hung off her, as she grew, soon they tore off and fell to the ground at her feet as well. 

Bumblebee stared, Sari was now only a few head shorter than he was...but she looked to be in shock. She just shook a little bit and stared at him. "Sari?" He asked stepping forward. 

\Sari suddenly sank to her knees, and placed her hands on the ground, staring down at the last remains of her human form. She shook severely as she raised her hand and stared at it.

Bumblebee slowly walked over and got on his knee and extend out his other leg. Sari immanently grabbed him and buried her head into his shoulder pad, her frame raked with sobs, Bumblebee placed a servo on her hack and clutched one of her servo's with the other. They both sat there together, spark mates and full cybertronians, just them and the torn remits of the last of her humanity.







I deiced top rewrite my first submitted work here, because I felt that the other one was kind of rushed, I also left the ending this time ambiguous and I am allowing you to make the call,
This Fanfic is Dedicated to xkaitexprime, for the pics

Dressin Sari and One of them which were inspirations and rewards for the original.

Links to her profile and the pics are below


Sari's new Robot Mode design is this. [link]
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